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A Day of Learning to be Fearless

Three weeks ago, I single handedly organised an 87-person event across continents for a cause I deeply cared about. I mobilized presidents of lofty tech organizations and principals from reputable high schools. I handled and brainstormed everything from sponsorship, marketing, speakers, gift bags, notebooks, materials, transitions etc

I was what you would call – fearless.

I was so blinded by the cause that I convinced helpful and effective adults to believe in my vision. I was unafraid to be turned down, knowing that another opportunity or door would open right around the corner. I was hopeful.

Fast forward three weeks later and I am crippled with fear. I am afraid of my prospects in this industry that I deeply care about – aerospace. I am nervous about introducing myself and giving my elevator pitch - that the Malaysia Airline flight went missing and since South East Asia is home I was motivated to change the industry and play a role in making sure a plane does not go missing like that again. I am afraid of revealing my foreign identity lest it be held against me, as it so often is in the aerospace sector of multiple nations. That is the cold, hard truth and it has rendered me fearful. I am terrified of living my truth – the uncertainty clouding any rational judgment.

This fear has had me seeking validation from everyone I care about – scrambling to secure my personal life while the professional one is 'haywire'.

For the sake of not being ‘dramatic’ and grounding myself I watched Robin Sharma’s ‘6 Things I Wish I Knew When I was 20’ at the recommendation of a friend. It has brought immense peace and given me something to remain hopeful about –

The following is what I have taken away to help me be less fearful -


Everything that happens to you is for growth

A bad day for the ego is a great day for the soul

The ego says ‘that was a tragedy – that was hard’

The ego is the voice of your fear

Instead you want to be in touch with your higher self

The primal genius

That native hero that lurks at your core under the layers of fear, doubt and disbelief

The more you get to know your bravest, strongest, truest self

The more you stand in your true power instead of your fake power

The more you’re going to realise that everything that happens to you whether it is a subtle adversity or minor discomfort is for your growth

Therefore it’s all good

It’s all about being in the sunshine for a lot of people – but that is not really a true life – you’re going to be laughed at, you’re going to be ridiculed, you’re going to be exhausted

Everything that happens to you is for your good – what is good and what is bad - its not all easy, sunshine and rainbows

Burn away the ego and build more fluency and intimacy with your authenticity

Find a love for tragedy

Imagine how brave you will be if you are detached from all outcomes

Whether it is a tragedy or a victory you still feel joyful, powerful and peaceful

That is where the legends play

Literally let everything go

There is power in letting go of trivialities

If the difficult things make you more creative, more strong, more productive, then that’s good - why would you resist it? why not befriend it ?


In my quest to be brave, I remind myself of the fearless pursuit of the unknown by researchers, academics, scientists etc in the aerospace industry. I am not alone in my chase of unravelling the unknown and that keeps me afloat.


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