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Hello world!

The pursuit of balance in all aspects of my life has always been of importance to me. 

Yet recently I’ve found it harder to find this balance, be it due to moving to a completely different continent or having to transition into a new phase in my life. I have been plagued with indecision.  This, coupled with the urge to exercise greater self-care has led me here. 

Self-care involves prioritizing one’s well-being. It is a comprehensive concept, which if practiced correctly enhances our relationship with ourselves, others and our immediate environment.

This holisitic approach of addressing the issues pertaining to the mind, body and soul has undeniably transitioned to the mainstream from ‘hippy to ‘hip’. Self-care has become a household term and 'taking care yourself' - a far cry from being indulgent– has become a necessity.

A Balancing Act acts as an online wellness journal that classifies intellectual well-being under ‘Mind’; physical well-being under ‘Body’; and spiritual, social and emotional well-being under ‘Soul’. It also curates encouraging interviews under ‘Inspiration’ and covers the most exciting areas of space, aviation and technology under ‘Flight’.

Taken together, A Balancing Act serves to help me listen to my body, cultivate gratitude, remain inspired and have an outlet that I hope to look to for guidance in particularly messy and hectic times.

Thank you for following me along!

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