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I love stories, story-telling, and story-tellers. I love the way one's eyes light up when they're talking about something they love - something that they are passionate about. I love listening to personal anecdotes - a faux-pas, a moment of triumph, sadness, anguish or jealousy. Later, I love reaching for the trail mix of experiences that have been left behind  by a lifetime of friends, family and acquaintances. 

'You are not alone in the things you feel.'

That is what I reckon drives so many of us forward, pushing for excellence in our pursuits, glancing back only at the lessons from the past. Here you will find those lessons, carefully curated in small doses for every occasion and primarily for myself - to push forward.



Now I am looking to the women who have gone before me and are going along with me in my quest to strike a balance between the social, academic and spiritual components that comprise life. I share their stories, capturing their most authentic and unfiltered selves in the hopes that they spark inspiration within you and me. Browse through the categories below to read more about these fantastic women along with a selection of my favourite podcasts and books. 

Aerospace Engineering
Sarajane Crawford
Sanjana Tewathia
Biomedical Engineering
Shreenu Sivakumar
Mechanical Engineering
Dr.Renuga Gopal
Nancy Park
Yasmine Bassil
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