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2020 Master List On Maintaining Perspective

When everything seems to be burning around us... how do we remain hopeful? How do we maintain perspective? How do we persevere?

As someone who has been asked time and time again through various social media platforms, texts and phone calls about how I 'seem' to be so 'positive', I have repeatedly emailed these exact resources over in response. Hence, this made it all the more necessary to compile this list on my little corner of the internet and publish it as a post.

Click the titles to download each free document.

Everything is hyperlinked and in the order in which I do them.

And with that... I wish you courage, patience, and hope.


For the mind...

0.... like ground zero.

This is where we begin. Peruse through this document first. Rebuild. Regroup. Leave your victim mentality at the door. Gently make your way over to bravery. Get comfortable.

This document teaches you how to take your power back. Use the bad for good. Remain hopeful.

Time: as long as you need

1. Monthly / Yearly Goals and Intentions

Time: 5 minutes

Make a list of your 2020 goals. Split them into manageable Monthly goals. Make a new 'Monthly Goal' document every month. Read both documents first thing in the morning right after your brush your teeth.

Time: 5 minutes

Time: 15 minutes

Time: 15 minutes

Scroll right to the bottom on the link attached above to - 'How to Script the Story of Your Life'. It takes your through the following process:

Set a Clear Intention

The first thing you need to do at the start of your scripting process is to set yourself a clear intention. In other words, what’s the one, major goal on which you want to focus the majority of your energy?Consider what you want to achieve, pick out one particular thing, and prepare yourself to start creating a script around it. Start by wording the goal in the way that sounds exactly right – you can play around with different phrasings until something resonates with you.

Focus on the Feeling

Write this as though it is an account of something that has already happened – more like a journal or a diary. Imagine how you’d feel if you manifest your dreams and engage with every sense – sight, sound, smell, touch, and hearing. Try to get into a flow, just getting caught up in the emotions you’re experiencing.

Show Gratitude

Finally, ensure that gratitude is woven into the narrative that you’re scripting. Communicate how wonderful and grateful you feel to have the thing that you’ve wanted in your life, and focus on how you’ll never take that thing for granted.

Time: 10 minutes


Time: 24 minutes


For the body...


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